Environment and Heritage

MZI views environmental management as essential to its own future and that of the mineral exploration and mining industry in general. The Company considers that sound environmental management benefits all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, nearby residents and the broader community.

MZI respects the culture and traditions of indigenous people and recognises the unique relationship that indigenous people have to both land and sea.  MZI is committed to proactive consultation and fostering long-term relationships and partnerships with its neighbouring communities. 

Our social investment initiatives aim to deliver significant and lasting benefits to communities, employees and key stakeholders.
The objectives of the company’s commitment to environmental management are to:

  • Ensure compliance with all environmental legislation, licences and regulations
  • Recognise conservation and heritage values
  • Identify, manage and monitor potential environmental impacts, striving to comply with international best practice
  • Rehabilitate disturbed land surfaces
  • Review and evaluate environmental performance
  • Seek continuous improvement in exploration, mining, waste management and the use of resources
  • Promote cross-cultural awareness, and wherever possible, protect sites of cultural significance
  • Have timely and effective communications with landowners, indigenous groups and others who may be directly affected by company operations
  • Communicate regularly with employees, suppliers, contractors and customers about the aims of the Corporate Environmental Policy and the responsibilities implied; and
  • Provide information to the community, shareholders and government authorities about the company’s environmental performance.

Indigenous Cultural Heritage Policy

Environment Policy

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