Our Community Relations strategy is focused on timely communications and feedback to the communities neighbouring our operations.  Community consultation activities will be undertaken over the life of MZI’s project, mining and closure phases and adapted and tailored to the needs of the community as required in adherence to MZI's Corporate Standard for Community Relations.

MZI is committed to effective community engagement to:

  • Assist in the early identification of stakeholders
  • Build an understanding of common issues within the community
  • Provide stakeholders with access to information in a timely and effective manner
  • Build positive relationships through various engagement techniques
  • Seek local knowledge and input to enhance effective communication with the community.

MZI’s Community Consultation Strategy adheres to the following principles to guide its engagement approach, being:

Commitment to the consultation process as demonstrated through its Community Relations Strategy, established time lines and identification of responsibilities;

Integrity of communication where the interactions between MZI and the community foster mutual respect and trust, achieved by clearly stating the intent of the consultation and communicating the outcomes;

Respect by ensuring the rights, values and interests of the community are taken into consideration through the implementation of a range of management plans;

Transparency demonstrated by responding to community concerns in a timely, open and effective manner through the established stakeholder interaction procedures;

Inclusiveness achieved through identifying a diverse representation of community stakeholders;

Developing trusting relationships built through exploring opportunities for common ground and disseminating information on how community feedback contributed to decision making;

Proactive engagement with the community to reduce reactive responses and communicate timely information to all stakeholders.

Various community engagement methods include: one-on-one consultation, newsletters, website updates, Fact Sheets, letters, briefings and presentations, company displays and many others.

The formation of the Keysbrook Community Consultation Group (CCG) will play an important role in the development and the ongoing operations of the Keysbrook project. The Group’s role is to provide a formal two-way communication flow between community members and MZI in addition to managing funds for community partnerships in the Shire of Murray and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale. The CCG Terms of Reference (located under Keysbrook project) sets out objectives, purpose, membership, roles and responsibilities of advisory members.


MZI welcomes your feedback via the Community Feedback Form, email to or post to PO Box 3011, East Perth  WA  6892.


Community Relations Policy

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