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Keysbrook Noise Fact Sheet - Monitoring & Management
26 Apr 2017 Keysbrook Noise Fact Sheet - Monitoring & Management

Efficiently monitoring and managing noise emissions from the Keysbrook mine site is a high priority for MZI. This remains an ongoing focus given the mobile nature of the mining operations, where our mining equipment moves to various locations within our approved mining area.

Following MZI’s first year of operation, the Minister for Environment has agreed to and initiated an enquiry under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 to review the management and regulation of noise at the Keysbrook Mineral Sands mine. The intent of the review is to ensure noise emissions from the operations are appropriately regulated and managed - now and into the future.

The review is being undertaken by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and a report is being prepared for submission to the EPA by the end of May 2017. As part of this submission, MZI will be providing detailed technical and noise-management information, which will be independently reviewed, together with noise-related feedback from residents  around the mine area.

This feedback will assist the Company in regards to its adaptive management approach to  noise management. The following Noise Fact Sheet explains our approach in more detail.

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