Keysbrook Community Consultation Group

In consultation with the Shire of Murray and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, MZI formed a Community Consultation Group (CCG), commencing in October 2012, which will run for the life of the Keysbrook operation.   The purpose of the CCG is for the Company and the local community to keep each other informed of relevant information, share knowledge, minimise potential impacts and maximise benefits to the local community. The Group is made up of Shire Councillors, local community members and MZI personnel.

The CCG does not have any legislative, operational or financial control over MZI however it does provide an opportunity for closer community engagement and scrutiny than would otherwise be required under the statutory processes and controls.  The CCG is a strategic level consultation group with a commitment to the long-term interests of the community and MZI.

The Community Consultation Group members will:

  • Identify appropriate community groups that represent the key elements of the community.
  • Liaise with community groups to determine their views.
  • Represent and reflect the views of the communities or groups they represent by actively engaging with those groups.
  • Provide feedback to and from the community they represent in the manner agreed to by the CCG and MZI.
  • Manage concerns sensitively.
  • Attend CCG meetings where possible and actively participate in discussions.
  • Provide feedback on issues of interest to the CCG.

The Community Consultation Group will:

  • Continually explore improved means of communicating with the community throughout the life of the approval.
  • Provide recommendations for MZI to consider.
  • Actively communicate, via the methods identified in the Community Engagement Plan, to all residents within the locality of Keysbrook about the potential impacts of the mineral sands mine.
  • Actively and positively promote the Community Consultation Framework and the role of the CCG and State agencies to the stakeholders in accordance with the Community Engagement Plan at a minimum of at least once every six (6) months.

CCG Terms of Reference - PDF

2019 CCG Meeting Calendar

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