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Welcome to MZI Resources Ltd.

MZI Resources Ltd (ASX: MZI) is a mineral sands company focused on producing high value minerals of Zircon, Rutile and Leucoxene. It has an operating mine at Keysbrook, located 70km due south of Perth in Western Australia. At Keysbrook, sand dunes are mined to extract Heavy Mineral Concentrate (HMC) by processing ore through a Wet Concentrator Plant. The HMC is then transported by road to Picton near the Bunbury Port in WA where it is processed into the final products under a toll treating arrangement at a Mineral Separation Plant (MSP) which is operated by Doral.

The Keysbrook mine hosts a unique leucoxene / zircon orebody with production commencing in late 2015. Keysbrook is the world’s largest producer of high value leucoxene and has long mine life which will help sustain the local economy for many years to come.

MZI also has a proven record as a successful mineral sands explorer and producer in the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory. Mining at Lethbridge South was completed in 2014 and is in the rehabilitation phase. Mining at the adjacent Lethbridge West deposit ceased in 2010 and has been rehabilitated to its pre-mined state.

MZI’s exploration success at Kilimiraka, located in the South East corner of Bathurst Island on the Tiwis, has identified a substantial inferred resource of over 890,000 tonnes of Heavy Mineral Concentrate. Subject to gaining the necessary approvals, this project has the potential for a long mine life. The Company has commenced the approvals process for Kilimiraka, having submitted a Notice of Intent to the Northern Territory Government and is currently undertaking relevant environmental and feasibility study work.

MZI’s intent is to be a specialised supplier of high grade mineral sands products to the world market and in particular China. The company is focused on zircon, rutile and leucoxene due to their high relative economic value and strong long-term demand fundamentals.  This enables MZI to maintain a profitable operation from a relatively small footprint making it a welcome contributor to the local community.

Zircon is primarily used to produce ceramic and porcelain products with demand driven by global urbanisation trends, particularly in countries such as China and India. Rutile and leucoxene are used to produce titanium pigment for paint and plastics as well as for titanium metal and flux coating with welding electrodes. Zircon and Titanium are both modern metals found in many everyday uses which are integral to our daily lives.




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